Improving Access and Understanding

Technology Without Borders

Technology Without Borders is a student driven group that connects it’s members with technology related needs within the community.

For many groups within the community, even everyday technology can often be inaccessible or not easily utilised. TWB aims to create a greater understanding of technology as well as promote a deeper appreciation of science, engineering, and maths, and their connection to the technology around us.

Recent News

SALNA Focus Group

One of TWB’s academic mentors, Daniele Noel, is hosting a focus group to help improve SALNA. Daniele helps us out a lot so if you’re studying engineering or technology please help her right back (if you’re available on the 23rd from 12:30 to 1:30). read more…

How quickly kids learn …

You may have seen the videos of babies trying to swipe a book like you would an iPad. But what happens when you give a set of tablets to a community of children who’ve had no experience with technology before? A group of literary and technology experts from MIT and Tufts did just that. Picture this … read more…


Dale de Silva

Project Leads

Ryan Kaye-Simmons
John Aivaliotis
Daniel Wiltshire


Professor Glen Bates
(Pro Vice Chancellor – Student Advancement)


Professor Leon Sterling
Yen Siow