Improving Access and Understanding

Technology Without Borders

Technology Without Borders is a student driven group that connects it’s members with technology related needs within the community.

For many groups within the community, even everyday technology can often be inaccessible or not easily utilised. TWB aims to create a greater understanding of technology as well as promote a deeper appreciation of science, engineering, and maths, and their connection to the technology around us.

Not-For-Profit Support

One of the ways that TWB reaches out to communities is by providing support to existing not-for-profit organisations. There are many not-for-profit organisations doing amazing work to lift people out of poverty and provide assistance to the greater community. TWB members are looking at ways to partner with the organisations to provide skills in technology business processes.

TWB Initiatives

TWB also organises a number of initiatives directly. These include technology projects involving education and hands on workshops or simply providing community members an opportunity to experience technology they would otherwise not have access to (for example the 180 Project with Operation Stitches Inner City kids).

Internal Development

Our members are constantly gaining experience by interacting with the community as well as managing and being responsible for IT projects. We also take every opportunity to provide professional development to our members through participation in industry conferences and regular meetings with academic mentors.

Recent News

SALNA Focus Group

One of TWB’s academic mentors, Daniele Noel, is hosting a focus group to help improve SALNA. Daniele helps us out a lot so if you’re studying engineering or technology please help her right back (if you’re available on the 23rd from 12:30 to 1:30)....

A look inside the Death Star

Ever wondered what that Death Star / Pac Man looking construction is in the AMCD building? Monday 31st at 4pm is your chance for a tour! We’ve organise a tour of the Factory of the Future where you’ll get to hear about some of the incredible technology and...

How quickly kids learn …

You may have seen the videos of babies trying to swipe a book like you would an iPad. But what happens when you give a set of tablets to a community of children who’ve had no experience with technology before? A group of literary and technology experts from MIT...

Current Projects


Have you been building LEGO robots and you want to share your enthusiasm with others? Assist highschool students to compete in designing, building robots for FIRST LEGO League.

Operation 180

TWB are teaming with Operation Stitches to teach a course in electronics and programming to children in the housing commission estates in Richmond.

Community Computers

TWB is on a constant look out for old computers/laptops/tablets – and people to refurbish them for those who can’t afford one.

Without Borders Social Impact Forum

Organised by BWB, TWB, and EWB, the Swinburne Without Borders Forum will bring together big business to highlight the benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility.

TWB Website Development

Join the team that brings the TWB news to members and to the public – Often the first face of TWB. We need web developers and also good writers and reporter. The team’s skills will guide the website into it’s next phase.

NAO Robots in Schools

TWB and Swinburne will be delivering the NAO Robotics in Schools Workshop to enable students in Years 5 – 8 to learn how robots operate.

NAO Robot Training

Learn how to program NAO robots to walk, talk and dance. TWB members can take part in a training session to open up new volunteer opportunities for themselves.

Homeless Assist App

95% of homeless people have a mobile phone. Infoxchange is creating a smartphone app to help assist them in finding the services they need. There are 3 opportunites for TWB members to be involved.

Dale de Silva


Carl Sciglitano

Vice President

Michael George

Research and Development

Salonie Saxena

Fundraising Co-ordinator

Vishal Dobariya

Digital Marketing / Web Developer

Professor Leon Sterling


(Pro Vice Chancellor Digital Frontiers)

Yen Siow

Digital Frontiers Coordinator for TWB

Academic Mentors

Dr Therese Keane
Dr Jason Sargent