TWB Website Development

Join the team that brings the TWB news to members and to the public. The website is often the first face of TWB and a great opportunity to hone and demonstrate your writing, design or web development skills.


Website and facebook content creation is ongoing

Contact Person

Vishal Dobariya

The web team’s tasks vary from facebook marketing and communication to the websites maintenance and further development.

This means team members might take on roles such as writing articles and reporting on events, communicating with members, or more technical tasks such as designing and implementing new pages or sections of the website.

To date, the website has moved through two phases. The first one being it’s initial launch and the second being the addition of it’s members info and project pages.


As TWB grows there will be more more requirements of the website that will need to be designed, planned, and implemented.

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Roles Available

  • Web Developer
  • Writer / Reporter
  • Editor

Skills Involved

  • Web Development
  • Editorial skills
  • Copywriting / Reporting
  • Facebook Marketing